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Gaskets and Seals - Material Application Chart

Gasket & Seals Manufacturing Materials. As an independent company we can source materials from all major material manufacturers

Black, White Food, Red, Tan & Insertion
 + Very good mechanical properties Temp Range -30oC +80oC
 + Fair / moderate weather resistance Hardness Range 35o - 90o
 + Fair / good alkali and acid resistance Stock Range 1mm to 50mm
 - Affected by oils, fats, fuels & oxidising agents    
Available in Neoprene Natural, E.P.D.M. and Silicone
Open and Closed Cell
  Temp Range -20oC +110oC
  Hardness Range Soft-Medium/Hard
  Stock Range 1.5mm to 50mm
 + Excellent gas impermeability Temp Range -20oC + 90oC
 + Very good weather resistance  Hardness Range 60o - 65o  
 + Excellent resistance to solvents Stock Range 1mm to 12mm
 - Affected by oils & fats    
 + Compressible with negligible lateral flow Temp Range -30oC + 150oC
 + Resistant to fuels, oil, solvents and
Stock Range 0.8mm to 12mm
 + Excellent thermal insulation properties    
 + High quality wool and synthetic Temp Range  -20oC +100/150oC
 + Suitable for oil retention Density Range 26grm - 60grm
 + Suitable for door seals and mounting pads Stock Range 0.8mm to 25mm
 + Good mechanical strength Temp Range -100oC + 250oC
 + Non-toxic Hardness Range 50o - 65o
 + Outstanding anti-stick properties Stock Range 0.01mm to 12mm
 + Extremely low co-efficient of friction    
 + Unaffected by weathering    
 + Excellent dielectric properties    
 + Will not burn    
Black, White Food & Insertion
 + Excellent weather resistance Temp Range -20oC + 90oC
 + Good mechanical properties Hardness Range 40o  - 80o
 + Commercial quality & BS 2752 grades Stock Range 1mm to 25mm
 + Moderately resistant to oils and fats    
 - Poor low-temperature properties    
Black and White Food
 + Excellent resistance to oils and fuels Temp Range -20oC + 110oC
 + Good hot oil resistance Hardness Range 40o - 90o
 + Good mechanical properties Stock Range 0.5mm to 25mm
 + Good Alkali and acid resistance    
 + Moderate weather resistance    
 + Commercial quality & BS 2752 grades    
 - Moderate elasticity    
White Food, Red, Blue, Translucent
 + Heat resistance up to + 250oC Temp Range -50oC + 250oC
 + Retains flexibility in extremely low temps Hardness Range 20o - 80o
 + Excellent weather resistance Stock Range 1mm to 10mm
 + Excellent electrical resistivity    
 + Moderate oil and fat resistance    
 + Moderate fuel resistance    
 - Poor Mechanical properties    
 + Resilience ideal for sealing uneven or
    unmachined flanges
Temp Range -20oC + 250oC
 + Soft joints for boiler doors etc Pressure Range 10 bar
 + Folded to size required Stock Range 1.5mm folded
up to 6mm
 + In rubber coated glass or Aramid fibre, with
    or without wire reinforcement
Laminated or Foil
 + Non-toxic Temp Range 200oC + 3000oC in non-oxidising conditions
-200oC + 500oC in oxidising conditions
 + Electrically conductive Pressure Range 300/400 bar
 + Excellent chemical resistance Stock Range 0.2mm to 3mm
 - Affected by Sulphuric and Phosphoric acids    
 + Water Research Council Approved Temp Range -40oC + 100oC
 + Excellent weather resistance Hardness Range 50o - 80o
 + Good heat resistance Stock Range 0.5mm to 12mm
 + Good low temperature properties    
 + Resistant to steam temperatures up to 150o
 + Good mechanical properties    
 + Good resistance to polar solvents
    (esters, Ketones)
 - Affected by oils and fats    
VITON®(Dupont Ltd)
 + Excellent chemical resistance Temp Range -20oC + 220oC
 + High temperature Hardness Range 50o - 70o
 + Self extinguishing Stock Range 0.5mm to 6mm
 - Not resistant to Acetone    
 + For high temperature joints Temp Range -30oC + 450oC
 + Glass or Aramid fibre or Graphite/Aramid Pressure Range 100 bar
 + To BS 7531 : X & Y Stock Range 0.25mm to 3mm
 - Hard material requires high bolt loading    
 - Consideration for steam usage required    
 + Excellent resistance to fuel and vegetable
    oils, petroland petroleum distillates
Temp Range -22oC + 120oC
 + Resistant to fungoid growth Max Pressure 20 bar
 + Free from Rubber Stock Range .006" to .25"
(0.15 to 6.4 mm)


I M P O R T A N T   N O T I C E

The information supplied on this chart is produced to the best of our knowledge and is based on current data. The properties quoted are typical and intended only as a guide. They do not therefore constitute a specification. Customers are encouraged to sample our products before purchase, and are recommended to make their own assessment as to suitability as you will know the working mediums better than we do for your own products. Freedom from third party patent rights cannot be assured.

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