Plant and Equipment List

Plant and Equipment List

It has always been our policy to update our machinery and equipment to provide you with the best quality. Over the years we have aquired the following impressive list of equipment; Our production facility is now one of the most modern in the industry, and probably the best in the south of England.

Machine Type Max Size/Speed Usage
LC30 Stamping Machines 500 sq mm Head Size Rapid CNC Cutting
LC30 Stamping Machines Rotating Head for Awkward Shapes Rapid CNC Cutting
Small Clicker Presses x2 300 sq. mm. Stamping
Receding Head Presses 1600 x 800 Cutting Bed 60 Ton Stamping
Receding Head Presses 2000 x 800 Cutting Bed 60 Ton Stamping
80 Series Beam Press 1600 x 1000 Cutting Bed 60 Ton Stamping
Auto Presses 100-300mm Head Size
127-100mm Head Size
7000 single cavity/hour
Abrasive Water Jet Cutters
Pure Water Jet Cutters
3000 x 1500 Cutting Bed
2000 x 1000 Cutting Bed
Auto Cutting / Nesting
Bladed Tube Cutter 10,000 / Hour Cutting
Log/Roll Slitter Converts Rolls to Strips Conversion
Stripping Machine Converts Sheets to Strips Conversion
  Full Cad/Cam Facilities  
Sysco HSC12 325mm Sq cutting area Remove matrix from kiss cut items

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